Harrisons Joins Savile Row Bespoke Association

Harrisons of Edinburgh joins Savile Row Bespoke

We are delighted to announce that we have recently joined ‘Savile Row Bespoke’ as an Associate member.


As one of the foremost suppliers to the Row, we felt it was about time we got a little bit more involved, and did our bit to help spread the word of Savile Row tailoring.

Posted by Harrisons on Mon, 29 Sep 2014

Harrisons joins the 21st Century

With the (relatively) recent introduction of our new website, Harrisons are now kicking and screaming in to the 21st Century with the launch of the Official Harrisons Forum and the creation of the Harrisons Twitter account!!


Currently in its early development, you will find the Harrisons Forum at This is your chance to make comments about Harrisons, the world of cloth, and anything else that you may feel worthy! Interact with Harrisons and others in the tailoring world. We look forward to seeing your comments, questions and suggestions, and we will try to respond to as many posts as possible.



Much to Mark’s delight, Harrisons are now Twittering!! Please join in the revolution and follow us at @Harrisons1863 You will see the most up to date comings and goings at Harrisons, and, with tweets already coming in from across the world, your input will be greatly appreciated!! Happy Tweeting!!

Posted by Harrisons on Fri, 30 Mar 2012

Lumbs Golden Bale Rolls In !

The first batch of H Lessers Lumbs Golden Bale have just arrived, and we're very pleased to report they look amazing!!

After the pieces are carefully inspected, we start the cutting of all the lengths required to make bunches in time for September.



Hard work but it will be worth it to have the chance to refresh such an iconic range. And as you can see from the picture below it looks great!!

Posted by Harrisons on Thu, 28 Jul 2011

A Fresh look at Moonbeam


This Autumn Harrisons will be re-issuing Moonbeam with 43 patterns in all, which includes 18 new, never seen before, lines. Moonbeam, unlike any of our other collections, is an Urban Tweed, soft to the touch and warm to wear.


The collection will consist of what we see as up-to-date designs taken from around the world and, as with all Harrisons Ranges, we have taken not only our views forward, but also yours, when selecting this range.



Posted by Harrisons on Mon, 25 Jul 2011

A message from Cameron

As many of you know I have not been well these past 6 months having developed a small brain tumour. I am undergoing radio and chemo therapy and hopefully will be back full time in business in the autumn.

Thanks to everyone who has been in touch, I have been very heartened by your good wishes and cards.

Cameron Buchanan

Posted by Harrisons on Mon, 20 Jun 2011