We are delighted to announce some great news for those lovers of Lumb's Golden Bale. H.Lesser has just commissioned 73 brand new designs across 4 qualities for a new bunch to be launched this autumn.

We have included a few pictures from the blankets - The sharp eyed ones amongst you will have noticed some Worsted Flannels In fact, it's not just the Flannels that will be making a welcome return, we have managed to recreate a 13oz LGB, which had been very hard to produce in the past.

We have included a large selection of the 7-8 ozs Tropicals, and the 11-12 ozs, which form the majority of the bunch. However you won't be seeing the cloth until September, such superior cloth does take time to produce, from the sourcing and spinning to the weaving and finishing – the result gives Lumb's the hallmark of luxury, quality & exclusivity.